Lilac RTS

Lilac RTS Web App

I may be terribly bad at them, but I nonetheless really enjoy real-time strategy games. One thing that really interests me about them is the fine control you can have over your units - turning insurmountable tides with brilliant tactical decisions or heroic APM!

This little web app explores the idea of a single-player puzzle game with RTS mechanics that allows you to pause time and plan your moves with super-human timing.


Unit micro-management mechanics from the RTS genre applied to a multi-platform action/puzzle game. Players use the ability to slow down time to outmanoeuvre increasingly difficult AI opponents.

Time controls in the bottom left of the screen let you slow down or speed up time to avoid projectiles.
Click and drag to select a box of units.
Right click to order selected units to move.
CTRL + click or middle click to order units to fire.

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