I’ve always loved collectible card games but have (like many people) long been frustrated by how expensive they can be! Even for a casual player who has no interest in buying up sought-after competitive cards, a game like Magic: The Gathering can cost hundreds of pounds if you want to play with more than just a couple of decks.

Development costs are obviously high considering the beautiful art and rigorous playtesting - so the obvious solution was to make a card game with neither!

Cartoon horse in a yellow circle [1.136] Winged Deer - my proudest piece of art yet

Hexal can be printed at home for nothing more than the cost of paper and ink. The online deck builder allows you to view the full card library and only print out copies of cards as you need them to build your decks to save on time and paper.

I opted to print out a copy of the library on thicker card, and buy some cheap plastic sleeves for them as I love sitting at a table and going through piles of cards to put together a deck but the game is fully functional with as few as 7 sheets of paper for a 2 player game.

Piles of Hexal cards on a white desk. First draft of the game, ready to play!

Rules: https://hexal.imperialoctopus.com/#/rules

Main site (deck builder and library): https://hexal.imperialoctopus.com/

Game Description

A completely free collectible card game you can print and play at home.

Hexal is a two-player game that represents a battle between witches. Players channel the power of nature to summon creatures and cast spells. When one player runs out of cards (representing their magical power) the battle is over.

Create a deck using the online deck builder then press the print button to generate a printable PDF.

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