Fake Artist Companion

Fake Artist Companion Web App

We discovered this fantastic drawing game after it was featured on Polygon’s Overboard but found while trying to play it that the setup was very awkward - especially for new players. This app replaces the whole process making it much faster and easier.

The app has two modes - an online room option where each player joins on their own device and privately views their word, and a single device version where one device is passed between players.


  1. Enter the number of players on the first screen and press play.
  2. Each player privately selects their number and views the prompt word.
  3. One player is secretly chosen as “Fake” so does not know the prompt word.
  4. Players take it in turn to add to a drawing until each player has drawn two times.
  5. All players vote on who the fake was.
  6. If the fake is not chosen correctly they win.
  7. If the fake is chosen correctly but they guess the prompt word the fake wins, otherwise the other players win.
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